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Curtaining is very important in any well decorated home. Well made curtains can transform any house into a home. A well made curtain can make even a modest house look luxurious. Curtains must be well made at a reputable curtain maker. 

Be careful not to choose price over quality even though price is important, it will soon be forgotten, while quality, even more importantly, will be remembered. 

Choosing the right curtains

We specialise in custom curtain design, manufacturing and installation according to your needs and budget. Our expertise in interior design enables us to assess a space and make an informed recommendation for the curtain design that will work best with your space. We design and manufacture curtains to suit individual needs.

Why you should buy custom curtains

Custom made curtains are unique and made to address your specific needs. You always have full control over the design and how they will look on your windows. We understand the importance of style and uniqueness, which is why we ensure the highest level of quality service, treating every client as a new experience. Not only will we design, manufacture and install curtains for you, but we will also help you in choosing the right colours and material, and also recommend accessories for your space.

Our quality promise

We are committed to ensuring that we give our customers the best value for their money, irrespective of the size of the project. We source the best materials at great prices using our long-standing network of suppliers. When you choose to work with Mary Interiors, you choose the best in the industry.


Our wide range of curtains

Wave Curtain

Wave Pleat is a contemporary curtain heading system which is elegant, simple and smooth.
Suitable for heavy, medium and light weight curtains.

Pencil Pleat

Is a gathered heading allowing you to expand or reduce the width of the curtain to suit your window width. Commonly used with readymade curtains

Pinch Pleat

This pleat creates a formal look and gives a more tailored finish. The thickness of the heading and pleats can vary from 100mm to 200mm. These pleats are handmade and are not able to expand or reduce the width of the curtains.



Eyelet curtains are a contemporary curtain heading similar to wave pleat and are for use with curtain poles instead of tracks. The pole goes through holes (eyelets) at the top of the curtain and needs no hooks or runners as one would need with a normal header tape. The rings on the eyelets come in various colours with matching poles, brackets and finials or end caps of your choice.

Deep Pleat

Similar to the pinch pleat but the pleats are made using a rigid pleating tape into which 4-prong hooks are inserted to create the pleats.

Give your home that luxurious look with our custom made curtains