maintaining school curtains

maintaining school curtains

Many people view school curtains to be trouble-free once they are installed; and on the whole, that is right. However, by using and operating them properly you will extend the years of trouble-free service it will give you. When it comes to keeping your school curtains in good condition, there are some aspects to keep in mind. Such as the material they are made of and what type of tracks they are on. When it comes to keeping your school curtains in good condition, there are some aspects to keep in mind. Such as the material they are made of and what type of traTo keep are on.K

How you open them can affect the durability and performance of the curtain’s tracks. Opening and closing your curtains properly is one of the best ways of reducing wear and tear on your curtain. The way you open and close your curtains can affect the condition and longevity of your curtain poles considerably.

If you feel any resistance or experience difficulty in drawing the curtains, stop and investigate the problem straight away. Do not force the curtain or tug hard to move them. This could cause irreparable damage to either the curtain or the track. It could be a simple problem such as a curtain ring jamming or a bit of lubrication being needed. It is better to fix a simple problem as soon as you experience it, rather than ignore it. When opening your curtains again, exercise patience and caution and don’t push them open more than they can go.

Steam Clean

Steam cleaning is great for the heavier weight curtains like stage curtains and one of the more convenient ones too. It is best to start by vacuuming, vacuuming and vacuuming again before reaching for the steamer. Once you have vacuumed numerous times, use the steamer. Start at the very top of the curtain and work your way down. Just remember to keep a lookout for the material becoming wet. If it does happen, simply hold the steamer further away from the material.

Get the professionals to do it

If you are sceptical about cleaning them on your own, you can always get someone professional to do it for you. However, there are a few precautions such as shrinking due to the heavy-duty cleaning process not being dry.

ALWAYS call the place you purchased your curtains from to find out more about the material and their personal recommendations. This gives you guidance on which route to take when it comes to cleaning and caring for them. While Mary Interiors’s is not a cleaning service, we can alter and repair your current curtains.

It is always best to be that little bit extra sure instead of having to replace your curtains completely.

If treated and maintained properly you are unlikely to need to carry out any repairs or replace broken parts. However, accidents do happen and should any damage occur then act on it straight away.

If you notice that a fixing is coming out of the wall or a bracket is looking a tad wobbly or loose, then get it re-drilled and secured. Ignoring the problem will result in the bracket coming out of the wall completely with continued use and the curtain pole eventually falling down. It will also damage the bracket itself or even the curtains.

At Mary Interiors’s we pride ourselves on our service and experience. We are able to supply curtains and blinds for small hall windows, alter and repair stage curtains as well as help breathe life back into staff and media rooms. If you would like to learn more email us on or visit our showroom.

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