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Incorporating floral design into your decor

.Florals offer a lot of fun and innovative ways to freshen up and recreate a space. Like flowers themselves, each floral pattern has its own personality, determined by style, size, and colour. Floral prints can seem intimidating at first. However, once you have a few tips, they’re not difficult to work with. Floral designs are guaranteed […]

Over 40 Years of Experience

Mary Interior Decorators is possibly one of Johannesburg’s oldest interior decorating businesses. It has been in operation since 1974, when it was started by the current owner Nikos Prokas’ parents, Xenophon Prokas and his late wife Mary. The business has been responsible for decorating generations of family homes and businesses both in Johannesburg and further […]


The DIY home décor trend continues to gain popularity with the result that there is a growing need for good quality instant curtaining that can be bought off the shelf and hung up immediately. Mary Interior Decorators has recently added a comprehensive range of Stuart Graham Ready-Made curtains to their portfolio which will be sold […]