Incorporating floral design into your decor

.Florals offer a lot of fun and innovative ways to freshen up and recreate a space. Like flowers themselves, each floral pattern has its own personality, determined by style, size, and colour. Floral prints can seem intimidating at first. However, once you have a few tips, they’re not difficult to work with. Floral designs are guaranteed to add life and joy to any space.

Tip #1 

If you are not quite sure how to get started or are hesitant to add floral to your decor start with something small like a cushion or a blanket. Find a floral print that really speaks to you. This then can be used it as a starting point in designing your space. Cushions offer a great start without the pressure of too much commitment.

Tip #2

Choosing a wallpaper with a floral pattern is the perfect opportunity to make a bold statement in a romantic way. Going with a wallpaper is a commitment and if you are unsure, small spaces offer a great way to try out a floral wallpaper.

Tip #3

Not yet ready to commit to a wallpaper? That’s okay, you can still incorporate a floral design through the way you accessorise your space. This can be done through a floral design bedspread, curtains or carpets. You can also incorporate real flowers by putting flowers in pretty vases or displaying floral painting or pictures.

Tip #4

Upholstering a piece of furniture in your favourite floral pattern is also a great way to create a feature piece in the room. From headboards to chairs, this one is all about embracing the pattern and allowing it to become a fun and central point to your space.

Tip #5

Want to have a floral design but worried that the design will be overbearing or just too much in a certain space? A large print on something small looks modern and cool, while a small pattern would have a sweet, vintage feel. The key to pairing and using floral prints is to use a matching background or prominent colour.

Whether you are looking for curtains, bedding or want to freshen up your space with a wallpaper or two or even upholster your furniture, Mary Interior Decorator has a wide variety of floral designs and fabrics to suit your floral desires.

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