10 tips when buying a rug

Rugs are an important and often underrated element of interior design. We share some tips to choose your rug.

For something that sits on the floor a rug can really bring a room together, make it welcoming and more comfortable. Interior design specialists advise before rushing out and simply buying an affordable rug that goes well with your furniture and décor you should choose your rug carefully as it will become an important and practical part of your home furnishings for a long time. Here are 10 tips when buying your rug.

Your own sense of style

When choosing a rug take your own personal taste into account. What looks good in a picture may not work in your home or match your personal taste. Consider whether your style is traditional, contemporary, or transitional.

cleaning and care of the rug

Regardless of whether it is a top-quality rug, or a bargain buy, area rugs need to be regularly and professionally cleaned especially if they are in high-traffic areas. Make sure you can afford to have the rug you choose cleaned regularly otherwise choose a rug that needs less maintenance than others.

how the rug will be used

There are many useful tips to choose your rug. Consider how the rug will be used in order to choose the right one – will young children spend a lot of time sitting or playing on the floor or do you just need a colourful piece to tie a room together? Low-pile and flat-weave rugs are better for high-traffic areas, while shag or sisal rugs can work well in low-traffic areas.

The Room the rug will go in

Consider the room that the rug will be used in, for example if the rug is being used in a dining room, you will probably want to put all of the chairs and the table on the rug, to delineate the space. If you are choosing a family room rug, you may want a smaller rug that accommodates just the coffee table. For a front entryway, a very long, narrow rug might be best. In a bedroom, a large rug under the bottom two-thirds of the bed will do. Think about the traffic the rug will get, and whether it will get stuck under doors or pose a tripping hazard.


Your lifestyle

Every rug does not suit every lifestyle, so it is important to consider how you plan to live in the space the rug will occupy. Do you have children and pets? Go for an easy-to-clean rug with a low-pile that will stand up well to spot cleaning. Would you like to change your décor often? Consider purchasing two or three cheaper rugs instead of one more expensive one.

how the rug feels

One of the primary reasons people buy rugs is for a sensation of comfort when walking around with bare feet. Make sure you choose a rug material that feels comfortable. A carpet pad beneath a low-pile rug can make it softer on the feet, especially for children or others who might want to sit on it.

The pattern

Modern rugs can look great, but the reality is that they date and will probably need to be replaced when they go out of style, rather consider a timeless pattern like those used in vintage and antique rugs.

the size of the rug

Always take room measurements before so you can choose a rug that will physically fit in your room. Taking up every square inch of space in a room does not look great; a too-small rug looks weird, too.

whether you will move

If you are planning to move in the near future, consider whether you’ll still be able to fit the rug into your new space. If the rooms in your new home are considerably larger or smaller than in your existing one, you may not be able to use the rug.

if the rug matches the room's decor

Choose a rug that complements the colours of your room’s décor. A patterned rug in bold colours might look right in a room with otherwise subdued décor, but a rug with neutral colours will look better in a more boldly decorated room.

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