Our extremely talented and professional interior decorators are ready to assist you with your interior decorating projects.

Bespoke Curtains

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Curtaining is very important in any well decorated home. Well-made curtains can transform any house into a home. A well-made curtain can make even a modest house look luxurious. Curtains must be well made by a reputable curtain maker. 

Be careful not to choose price over quality even though price is important, it will soon be forgotten, while quality, even more importantly, will be remembered. 

Choosing the right curtains

We specialise in custom curtain design, manufacturing and installation according to your needs and budget. Our expertise in interior design enables us to assess a space and make an informed recommendation for the curtain design that will work best with your space. We design and manufacture curtains to suit individual needs.

Custom made curtains are unique and made to address your specific needs. You always have full control over the design and how they will look on your windows. We understand the importance of style and uniqueness, which is why we ensure the highest level of quality service, treating every client as a new experience. Not only will we design, manufacture and install curtains for you, but we will also help you in choosing the right colours and material, and also recommend accessories for your space.

We are committed to ensuring that we give our customers the best value for their money, irrespective of the size of the project. We source the best materials at great prices using our long-standing network of suppliers. When you choose to work with Mary Interiors, you choose the best in the industry.

Our wide range of curtains


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Mary Interior Decorators stock a range of high-quality ready-made curtains across a range of trendy designs and colourways. Our ready-made collection is designed to give customers the option of an instant curtaining solution with a premium look and feel. Designs come in both tape and eyelet styles, with both standard and extra length options available.

midnight tape

Taped Curtains

Curtains with tape headings are versatile and cost effective. Available is standard length (218cm) and extra length (250cm).

sweet dreams eyelits

Eyelet Curtains

Curtains with eyelet headings provide a modern look and are conveniently quick and easy to hang.


Wave Curtains



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Custom Made Blinds

Blinds have become a firm favourite in many homes around South Africa, and they are the preferred choice for many people because they are so easy to maintain. If you are looking to add a more modern and contemporary look to your space, blinds are a great choice. You can choose between various styles and materials to compliment the décor and aesthetic of your space.

Many suppliers offer pre-made blinds to fit universal sized windows, but what happens if your window is not the standard size? Mary Interiors can assist you.  We create custom blinds to suit your specific needs. We also take into consideration the room the blinds are for and make sure that the blinds are suitable for that specific space.


Why you should trust Mary Interiors for your blinds

Our service is customised to your needs no matter the size of blinds you need. No project is ever too small or too big for us, and we ensure that the quality of our service stays consistently high for every client. When you work with Mary interiors, you can rest assured, knowing that your interior décor project is in the hands of a capable and professional service provider.  

Our Range of blinds

roman blinds

Roman blinds

venetian blinds

Venetian blinds

roller blinds

Roller blinds

duette blinds

Duette blinds

vertical blinds

Vertical blinds


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Mary Interior Decorator supplies and installs both polyresin and aluminium shutters.

polyresin shutters

Polly Resin Shutters

Polyresin shutters are made from a hollow plastic or PVC. The components are cut and snapped together to make a shutter. Their hollow structure makes them light yet still durable.

These shutters are a beautiful, modern option for your window décor.

These shutters are:

  • Quick and easy to install.
  • UV protected. Guaranteed not to yellow or fade.
  • Waterproof and suitable for humid area.
  • Washable with mild soap and water.
  • Fire retardant.

Aluminium Shutters

These innovative aluminium shutters are not only beautiful but also offer outstanding security features so that it not only makes your home beautiful but safe as well.

Security Features include:

  • Three pins to lock the shutter as opposed to one.
  • The top and bottom pin protrude up to 45mm top and bottom providing even strength.
  • A complex attachment mechanism secures the louvre making shutters virtually tamper proof.
alluminium shutters


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Mary Interior Decorator supplies a range of modern wallpaper in various designs from classic to modern and funky. Modern wallpaper is quick and easy to install and instantly transforms a room and helps to create a focal point.

Many of our suppliers also supply full wall murals.



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Mary Interior Decorator supplies a range of stylish, well priced rugs. With many homeowners choosing tiles or laminate floors over fitted carpets, statement rugs have become a must. Even though you do not need a whole room to be covered, it adds warmth and luxury to a room and often brings the décor together.

There are many designs to choose from – some classic, some bold and modern.