Our extremely talented and professional interior decorators are ready to assist you with your interior decorating projects.

Interior Decorating

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Many people think that interior decoration and design services are a nice-to- have, or a fancy service reserved for the wealthy, but it is not so. In fact, hiring a professional interior decorator and design team saves you time and all the money you would have spent on items that do not work well together.

We make sure that the objects and furniture in the house communicate with each other, respond and balance one another as well.

We provide our clients with a large variety of furniture items, which are on display in our showroom located in Illovo Square Shopping Centre, showing some of the designs that are available to be custom made by our team according to your specifications and individual styles, but are also available for purchase.

In addition, we display a large variety of different fabrics, furniture, lounge suites and ornaments, providing a good idea as to our full range of services and products available. Our team of extremely professional interior decorators have been part of a small family owned partnership and have contributed to the growth of Mary Interior Decorators into the successful business it is today.

The two workshops on our premises form part of the manufacturing side of our business, and give our team the freedom to manufacture all types of soft furnishing and upholstery, as well as the re-upholstery of hard furniture, giving you clients the best all-in- one service.



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Our service encompasses all the aspects on interior decoration, including all aspects of space planning, furniture design, upholstery, manufacturing of curtains and blinds manufacturing, sourcing and installation, ensuring that we deliver the same convenient and efficient service every time

How it works

All you have to do to enjoy our service is tell us what you like and let us handle it from there. We will sit with you for a complete consultation so that we can ensure that all the elements we choose for your space reflects your character, taste and purpose of the space. Thereafter, we will source the materials needed and carry out the full installation.

Furniture Upholstery

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Our extensive experience of 48 years ensures you get your beloved piece of furniture back refurbished and looking as good as new. We upholster and reupholster furniture to match your various fabrics and materials in different colours and patterns to match your style and bring out the best in your living space, bringing old furniture to life, and making the best of new furniture.

We also create bespoke pieces of furniture as per client’s needs in our workshops on site.

Quality Guarantee

Throughout our years of service, we have maintained a high quality service for all our customers irrespective of how much they have paid, and how long the project takes to complete. Using our vast network of fabric suppliers, we source the best quality materials at the best prices to ensure that you get the best value for your money.