2021 Trends

Most of us were glad to put 2020 behind us and even though 2021 looks like much of the same, at least we know what we are in for.  Some of the 2021 trends that are emerging have been ‘inspired’ by our time in lockdown.  Bright colours, homely ambience and décor inspired by holidays are […]

Wooden blinds?

Have you ever wondered why you should choose wooden blinds? Blinds have the ability to completely alter the ambience of a room, and wooden blinds have remained a popular choice for decades, owing to their numerous aesthetic and practical benefits. They are a versatile piece, and entirely affordable, making them a firm favourite with interior […]

Outdoor Fabrics for Comfort

Outdoor living is an important part of South African lifestyle – and therefore comfortable garden furniture is a must but it is important to make sure the upholstery is suitable and can withstand natural elements such as sunlight, rainfall, dust, and the like. Outdoor fabrics should also be breathable to provide comfortable seating. Interior decorators […]

Small Spaces – No Problem

As property becomes more expensive and secure living lifestyles continue to gain more popularity, high density living in complexes seems to have become the norm.  Whilst there are obvious advantages to this, one of the major compromises is less space which presents challenges when it comes to interior design and décor. There are, however, ways […]

Window Trends

Spring always inspires us to start anew – give our homes a fresh look.  One of the easiest ways of giving a room a facelift is to change the curtains or window finish.  Window trends come and go, and various finishes are combined to create a different look and feel.  Here are a few trends […]

Fibreguard – Always a proven favourite

Over the years we have learnt a thing or two – and one of them is that spending a little more on a good fabric when upholstering a new or old piece of furniture, is 100% worth it.  Top of the list is a fabric that is stain resistant and easily cleanable because no matter […]

Dress Your Windows to Keep Out the Cold

Did you know that not only do you need to dress properly to keep out the cold but that your windows do too… It sounds strange, we know, but so much heat is lost through windows.  One of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways to keep warm during the cold winters is to make sure […]

Curtains/Shutters/Blinds – Which to choose?

mary interior - blog - blinds - shutters - curtains

Blinds and shutters have become a popular design trend over the past few years.  In fact, they have in many ways overshadowed traditional window finishes like curtains.  So, is one better than the other? Whilst your choice often comes down to your budget, your home and your style or decorating taste, there are practical issues […]

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