5 things to consider when picking seating for your restaurant

5 things to consider when picking seating for your restaurant

Each restaurant has its own unique point of difference and aiming for different atmospheres and vibes. However, there is one thing that is universal among them, comfort. If your client is not comfortable, chances are, they will not remain in the restaurant for long.

Floor space of the restaurant

Draw up a floor plan to best organise the restaurant layout. Plan the traffic flow around the kitchen, by the restaurant’s entrance, between the tables, at the bar, etc. Make it easier for your staff and customers to move around. Initially, you should assess the available spaces, the volume of traffic, and demographics of customers frequenting your space.


It’s important to consider longevity when deciding on your furnishings. Chairs, in particular, are a purchase you’d like to avoid making more often than you would plan a full remodel. Part of making sure that’s achievable is not just caring for your furniture over time, but purchasing chairs that are easily cared for.

When looking at durability, consider whether the fabric on your seat is stain resistant or not. Or if you should look for all wooden chairs with a varnish that will wipe clean and can be regularly sanitized with a quick pass. It is important to choose the right material to ensure durability and reduce the amount of maintenance required. Each type of material used for producing restaurant quality furniture has specific requirements to serve a certain type of clientele.

Variability of seating

If you have enough space, create several different areas in your restaurant. This is a good idea for hosting various groups and types of customers. A “lounge” area or a bar can seat those looking for a drink or customers waiting for a table to free up. Various sizes of tables can help to seat couples and larger groups.

Also, take into consideration, chairs need to fit your average AND non-average sized customer. Will, a bigger person be as comfortable — and supported — in your chair or bar stool as someone who is smaller and lighter in build?


Consider carefully how table legs and angles could interfere with wheelchairs or make sitting down difficult for patrons assisted by crutches or braces. Test out chair lengths and table heights. Test them out with a wheelchair and a child’s highchair. This will determine how your guests will share the space available. Will a wheelchair slide underneath the table comfortably? Will the highchair be too high or too low?

You need to maintain the comfort of your guest while still be able to maximise your restaurant table and seating space. For example, if you fill your restaurant with 10 extra large chairs instead of 15 medium to large seats, you are robbing yourself of potential business every shift.

Choose furniture that matches your brand

Remember, your restaurant tells a story! Ultimately, it’s just as important that your restaurant seating represents your brand. Make sure that your decor contributes to creating the atmosphere and the emotions that you want to evoke.

There are more styles and designs of restaurant seating than you can even imagine, and many of them get at the very root of ambience and can help you set and reinforce the atmosphere you’re hoping to achieve. A relaxed and cosy atmosphere? Minimalistic and trendy? Whatever style you choose for your establishment, make sure that the furniture matches your intention while keeping your customer’s comfort and experience in mind.

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