bring on the calm

Bring on the calm

As we approach the end of 2020, bring on the calm in 2021 with decor trends that will help you bring peace and tranquility to your your home. There are some great ideas to use which will breathe new life and peace into your home.

Focus on calmness

The predominant theme for this 2021 seems to be one of ‘calmness’, which is definitely needed, considering how stressful and unsettling 2020 was.

The aim is to bring tranquillity and sophistication into your home.

As in the past year, metal finishes and accents especially copper and brass are popular. This is especially the case for kitchens and the living rooms, but it can also be elegant elements of mirrors in the bathroom, chandeliers in the living room, attracting attention with their geometric shapes, or details on the tap, giving a new look to the kitchen worktop. For copper and brass to really show up well, lighting is important.

Wooden accessories are once again proving popular, especially in the form of accessories. With wood and wood finishes you can create a light and peaceful atmosphere, combining it with a beige and white colour palette.

go big and bold

Go big and bold

One of the brightest and most important trends of the decor this year is the bold materials. This is especially true for furniture upholstery and wall panels. For example, leather, which is not just for upholstery, but also on the walls for textures and patterns. A leather or textured look can also be achieved using wallpaper.

Colour remains one of the most important elements of decoration. All the trends of this year are moving along the lines of a more natural and rustic style. For the living room and the lounge, shades of brown are expected to be popular with eye-catching details in upholstery and carpet being accents of soft mint green, pink and sand flowers. For bedrooms darker browns will create a calm, peaceful environment, which is conducive to better sleep. Whilst browns lend themselves to a rustic, natural look, they can also be used to create an aura of sophistication and richness.

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