choosing fabric for your dining room chairs

Finding fabric for your dining room chairs can be tricky. Dining room chairs are so much more than just somewhere to sit and eat dinner. They can be central to a room’s décor and create an atmosphere – whether they be velvet, modern print or classic leather.

There are now so many diverse colour and textures to choose from and it has become quite trendy and fun to using a modern fabric on a more classic or vintage chair. However, it is important to consider the fabric based on your needs – for example, if you have a young family, luxurious velvet may not be a good idea as velvet and sticky fingers do not go. Rather look for something that is easy to wash and maintain like leather or vinyl.

Let’s take a look at some of the fabrics you can use and consider their pros and cons:

Cotton blend

Natural cotton is a strong fibre on its own but adding synthetic fibres like nylon or polyester make it even more hardwearing. Use cotton-blend upholstery to attain durability, stain-resistance, wrinkle-resistance, and longevity for the seat of your dining chairs. Easy to maintain, you can keep cotton-blend upholstery looking brand new by treating it with a stain-resistant agent. There are different service providers that can do this.


Faux Suede

Microsuede or faux suede is popular because it looks and feels like genuine leather but without the cost. Faux suede is lightweight, easy to clean, and wears well over the years. Lighter-coloured faux fabrics may show debris, dirt, and superficial marks. Unlike genuine leather, this plastic-based alternative is animal-cruelty free and resists stains and tears better than authentic suede.


You cannot beat the luxury of genuine leather fabric. There are three textures: top-grain leather is the most expensive, desirable, and high-quality option. Full-grain leather typically displays natural imperfections like skin wrinkles and hair follicles. Corrected-grain leather is buffed, so it looks even and smooth. Real leather is durable, flexible, and lasts for ages.



Tweed is a real classic – it is made of durable woollen fibres that have natural beauty and texture. Cleaning tweed requires routine vacuuming unless you need to spot clean with a mild detergent to remove stains. Choose tweed for a sophisticated, classic dining room or farmhouse-style home.


 Upholstering a chair with velvet is popular because it comes in a range of colours and styles and has longevity. Choose a velvet fabric for its unique texture, stain-resistance, or weave. Blot stains and carefully brush the material to keep it clean.  Only thing to consider is not exposing it to too much sunlight as this may cause damage.


 If you are looking for a fabric that resists fading and sun damage, yet wipes clean effortlessly with a damp cloth, you cannot go wrong with vinyl. It comes in a range of designs from ornate embossed designs, styles that mimic leather, and textured woven options in solid colours. Vinyl is affordable, stands up to wear-and-tear, and still looks polished.


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