curtains shutters blinds which to choose

curtains / shutters / blinds - which to choose?

Blinds and shutters have become a popular design trend over the past few years.  In fact, they have in many ways overshadowed traditional window finishes like curtains.  So, is one better than the other?

Whilst your choice often comes down to your budget, your home and your style or decorating taste, there are practical issues to consider as well, such as the location and use of the application.  Climate and weather conditions also play a role in what is the best choice for your needs.

Each option has its pros and cons:

  1. Blinds and window shutters are a sturdier option than curtains.
  2. Anchoring roller blinds and shutters is often simpler than mounting curtains and more resistant to storms.
  3. Blinds and shutters help you easily adjust the amount of sunlight that comes into your rooms. For rooms with a lot of direct sun, blinds backed with UV blocking fabric help reduce heat into rooms and prevent carpets and rugs from fading.
  4. Blinds and shutters are particularly striking in rooms with large window frames. They are perfect if you want a minimalist or beach decor look.
  5. Venetian, roller blinds and shutters provide excellent privacy.
  6. Curtains can be more difficult to remove, maintain, wash, maintain and hang. They are also prone to fading unless you use more expensive fade resistant fabric.
  7. Curtains are excellent when it comes to adding mood, colour and texture to a room; perfect if you don’t have many architectural features to flaunt.

One should also consider the following:


This should always be the first consideration when starting any new home décor project as it will narrow down what your options are. The variety of curtain designs, blinds and shutters is immense, making it easy to get carried away. Just beware that the price of one window blind or shutter may seem affordable; that is, until you multiply that price by the number of windows in your home!


Again, there is a wide range of roller blinds and window shutters made from different fabrics, including wood, synthetic, plastic and even metal. It is a good idea to take your location, geography and climate conditions into consideration when making your material choice. You should also consider how difficult maintenance will be and potential wear and tear.


Appearance is quite often the biggest driver for what window finish you decide on, however it can also be a major stumbling block.  One must make sure that your choice complements your existing furniture and décor.  If in doubt seek professional advice – it will be worthwhile in the long run.

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