ensure patients love your waiting room

Ensure patients love your waiting room

Often the waiting room is the very first thing that a patient will see when entering the practice. What they see and feel while they’re there can shape their opinion of you and your practice. This first impression can have a lasting effect and can even go as far as influence how they view you as a professional in your field. Thus it is important that your waiting room makes the right impression and conveys the correct message.

Depending on who your patient is, this will determine how your waiting room should be. If you specialise in treating the elderly, you’ll want a different kind of waiting room from a general practitioner who focuses on family health. It makes a difference when patients feel welcome and comfortable, and small touches often make the loudest statements.

The waiting room space

Patients spend an average of 18 to 20 minutes waiting before their appointment. Are there enough chairs for everyone, and are they comfortable? A mix of chairs with and without armrests and even adjustable cushions will allow seniors, pregnant women, and obese patients to find seating that meets their individual requirements. Also, make sure to have a space to meet the different needs of your patients while they are waiting. Some patients may want to get work done or may want to make a phone call in private. While parents may prefer a spot where their children can play.

Waiting room furniture

When it comes to furniture choices, there are endless options. Chairs with sturdy arms and legs may provide more support while opting for chairs with a wider seat or even benches can give patients of all shapes and sizes room to sit more comfortably. The style, material, and colour of the furniture and decor you select should reflect that you care about your patients and their health and comfort. If the furniture has any rips or stains, it could leave a negative impression.

While you may see your waiting room in terms of facilities and features, your patients do not. They see it in terms of the value added to the overall patient experience. Every object and element in your waiting area must contribute to the overall patient experience that you want to deliver. This is when every decorative item, object and element will confirm the fact that your patients are making the right choice. Marys Interiors can assist you and help with paying attention to the ambience and offerings of your waiting room that will pay off with satisfied patients.

With our extensive knowledge and experience, we can turn your waiting room into a place of comfort and trust for both you and your patients. Email us on nikos@marysinteriors.co.za to book a consultation or give us a call on +27 11 268 03 29.

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