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Over the years we have learnt a thing or two – and one of them is that spending a little more on a good fabric when upholstering a new or old piece of furniture, is 100% worth it. Top of the list is a fabric that is stain resistant and easily cleanable because no matter how careful or what age group you have in your home, accidents will happen, which is why Fibreguard is always a proven favourite.

Many innovative products have come onto the market in the past few years, but one of our favourites remains Fibreguard Fabrics. Why? This range offers quality, reliability and when they say “stain-free technology” they really mean it.

What is the secret to this fantastic fabric? FibreGuard fabrics are engineered from the inside out to perform following years of research and testing by interior designers and textile engineers. FibreGuard’s focus is to be what ‘life-friendly’: offering fabrics ready that stand up to anything and everything daily life can throw at them.

FibreGuard stain-resistant fabrics are seriously easy to clean:

  • If the stain is something like a food or lipstick, quickly scoop as much of it up as possible with a spoon or spatula being as careful as possible to not spread the stain
  • Apply water to the stain and BLOT using a white paper towel, repeat the process until you can’t see the stain on the paper towel anymore.
  • Apply more water to the area if necessary and rub with gentle movements with a microfibre cloth. You can use some soap (Fibreguard recommend any WHITE household soap) for stubborn stains – rub in a circular motions.
  • Let the fabric AIR DRY – don’t apply heat by using a hairdryer.


Only stains rub off

The FibreGuard effect is permanent, meaning that the stain-free properties in your fabrics will last long after washing or prolonged use. All FibreGuard fabrics undergo numerous textile tests in independent laboratories to ensure that they’re durable, reliable, and of consistent quality.

Variety is the spice of life

We have a wide variety of stain-resistant fabrics for you to choose from. Each collection is the product of a long process of decisions, resulting in a fabric that’s perfectly designed to fit your needs and style.

Key Features
Easy to clean
Attractive Fabrics
Child & Pet Friendly
Low Maintenance
High Performance
Moisture Barrier
Mildew Resistant
Odour Resistant
UV Resistant
Water Repellent
Hotel & Leisure
Health Care

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