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When it comes to updating your home decor, refreshing your window treatments with some great curtain trends is a step in the right direction. We’ve rounded up some great ideas for curtain finishes which may bring a welcome breath of freshness into your home.

Embrace Minimalism

One of the buzzwords on everybody’s lips at the moment is ‘decluttering’… After more than a year of being confined to our homes, many of us have realised that we just have too much stuff. This even applies to our curtains – opting for lightweight curtain weaves and soft lines that are breezy and let the natural light in can help make a room feel less cluttered. Floor-to-ceiling curtains can float just on the floor rather than puddle for ease of movement.

Use colour freely

Take a leap of faith and embrace colour.  After years of neutral beiges and greys, 2021 has heralded the return of colour.  Nothing is too bright or too bold.  Yellows, oranges and botanical greens have all made their appearance and fabrics are more colourful than ever.


Use what you've got

Reduce, reuse, recycle is bigger than ever whether it be to save money or to save the planet. Call on your interior decorator to help you refurbish or reinvent existing curtains, especially if they are still in good condition. Converting your curtains from taped to eyelets with chrome poles will update them. You could even swop curtains from one room to another and add new tiebacks to breathe new life into them.

Enhance your home workspace

Many of us started off working from home temporarily only to find that it has become a permanent solution. Whether it be converting space for home schooling or to a home office the right window finish is important in creating a focussed or professional environment. Try hanging full-length curtains in a neutral colour that’s easy on the eyes, such as light green, soft yellow or beige.

Double up

For extra dimension and adjustable light filtration, hang two layers of curtains. Using multiple window treatments adds colour, depth and functionality. For example, if you work and sleep in the same room, try layering sheer curtains with blackout panels for productivity and a good night’s sleep.


Maximize natural light with sheers

Sheer curtains are ideal if you want both natural light and privacy. You can also hang Sheers in trendy muted colours like pale blue, light pink or soft green to create atmosphere and personality to a room.

Get comfortable

Home decor that creates a relaxing atmosphere have become very popular over the past year with many of us being stuck at home. Our homes need to feel cosy and nurturing rather than being designed with perfection in mind. Functional window treatments that insulate your home, retain heat in the winter and keep out hot air in the summer are worth investigating.

Use smart home technology

Everything is smart and automated nowadays including window finishes. From motorised and cordless blinds and shades which can be opened using your smartphone to curtains that open and close at the touch of a button. Starting and ending the day has never been easier.

Vintage floral and botanical prints are hot

In step with comfort trends, many find nostalgic elements reassuring. Bringing back the old with aspects of the new is a great way to update your decor while retaining a familiar feel. Floral and botanical prints help bring life to a room and bring nature and a holiday feel into the home every day.


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