colour of the year 2019

colour of the year 2019

Red instantly draws attention to itself more than any other colour. Whether it’s used to put a room on high alert with a bright shade of scarlet or to envelop
visitors with a cosy, warm glow, red is a favourite colour. Red is full of drama and passion, it’s not a colour for the faint of heart, but when thoughtfully used, whether on a wall or in a handful of accessories, it can make a room come alive.

High-octane orange-tinted tones make you feel energized and alive, while subtler, old-fashioned purplish shades―burgundy, maroon, brick can evoke a cosy feeling

Adding a pop of Living Coral

Adding a pop of Living Coral can be done subtly. Simply changing the cushion covers for the couch or investing in a blanket that matches the colour scheme. This is a great starting point for including the colour into your space. Cushions offer a great start without the pressure of too much commitment. You could also try buying ornaments or accessories in the shade of Living Coral. Pantone’s Living Coral can be used throughout the home. It can be included in the bedspreads, curtains and carpets.

colour swatches

Living Coral as a focal point

By using Living Coral as a focal point in the room can create an eye-catching statement. Using wallpaper or painting a wall in the colour is a great way to recreate a space and include the colour. Deciding to decorate with wallpaper or paint is a big commitment. If you are unsure, small spaces offer a great way to first try it out.

You could also choose to upholster a piece of furniture with a fabric you love that has the colour featured. Depending on the choice of fabric you can create a soft and subtle look or create a bold statement.

Whether you are looking for cushion covers, curtains, bedding or want to freshen up your space with a wallpaper or two, Mary Interior Decorator has a wide variety of designs and fabrics to bring Living Coral to life in your home.

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