leather pleather and vinyl

leather, pleather and vinyl

Leather is a natural, durable and warm material that is desired and loved. When you are looking to invest in leather furniture, there are two choices, either, genuine of faux. There are multiple factors that decide whether you need one or the other.

Genuine Leather

leather pleather and vinyl

Genuine leather is made from the hide of an animal. The hide for leather comes from a variety of domestic animals like cows and lamb and also from game animals like various deer and buck. Leather can be dyed in several different colours or it can be kept natural. Normally genuine leather has scars, wrinkles and veining. This makes each hide unique. Due to the unique properties of leather, each hide can differ in texture and colour. Even the thickness of the hide can vary from place to place and from hide to hide.

There are many different types of leather:

  • Suede
  • Nubuck
  • Aniline
  • Full grain
  • Corrected grain

Since leather is made from animal skin, some people find it to be a controversial material. As such, faux leather is available for people who are weary of or dislike the idea of using animal hides.

Faux Leather/Vinyl

leather pleather and vinyl faux leather

Faux leather is made synthetically from a machine. Two different types of faux leather include pleather and vinyl.

Pleather, is a slang term that came about to describe a certain type of faux leather fabric. Pleather is made of polyurethane and resembles the look and feel of real leather.

Vinyl, is another type of faux leather fabric, made from a plastic resin. This type of faux leather has been used for several years in many different applications. Vinyl is soil, stain and moisture resistant. Vinyl comes in a wide array of different colours and patterns.

We invite you to come visit our showroom and see for yourself what type of leather, pleather and vinyl there is and which suits you and your home.

If you would like to learn more, please contact us by emailing nikos@marysinteriors.co.za or calling 011 268 0329. All leather orders come with a free leather care pack!

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