over forty years of experience

over forty years of experience

Mary Interior Decorators is possibly one of Johannesburg’s oldest interior decorating businesses. It has been in operation since 1974, when it was started by the current owner Nikos Prokas’ parents, Xenophon Prokas and his late wife Mary.

The business has been responsible for decorating generations of family homes and businesses both in Johannesburg and further afield.

“My parents started this business with nothing but a passion for, and appreciation of good quality furnishings and upholstery. After all, nothing gives a house a feeling of being a home more than a well-loved and used couch or beautiful curtains,” says Nikos.

He adds that what sets Mary’s apart from other interior decorators is the individual attention that they have always given their clients and a focus on their needs and expectations.

“We really try and get to know the heart and soul of every customer regardless of whether we are making one set of curtains or furnishing a whole house from start to finish. As a result, some of our clients have become personal friends where we have started out doing work for the parents and have been called back to help decorate their children and grandchildren’s homes.”

Whilst fashion and designs have changed since Xenophon and Mary set up shop in 1974, the business has always kept on top of these trends offering the very latest in fabric and finishes whilst still offering more classic options.

The business now operates out of its showroom in Illovo and has two workshops which are responsible for manufacturing a variety of curtain and window coverings as well as bespoke furniture made to the client’s exact needs and specifications. Mary’s also upholsters existing pieces to the highest standard.

“With the wide selection of fabrics available today even the oldest, most dated piece of furniture can be given a new lease of life by being reupholstered,”explains Nikos. “And at half the cost of buying a new piece.”

Recently Mary Interior Decorators added ready made curtains to our list of services and products available to our clients.

Quality and price is another cornerstone of Mary Interior Decorators as we have always promised the best value for both. Nikos and his team advice to their customers is to try avoid, where possible, choosing price over quality as price is quickly forgotten but quality is appreciated forever.

Over the years the company has also attracted the attention of larger corporate clients and has completed installations for the Plaka chain of restaurants and Emperor’s Palace.

To get in touch with us, email nikos@marysinteriors.co.za or give us a call on 011 268 0329 to book a consultation.

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