put your best seat forward

put your best seat forward

The ambience, comfort and visual appeal of a restaurant is important. Patrons are looking for an experience rather than just a place to eat. Innovative designs make this an exciting space for interior decorators to work in and while aesthetics are important, so are comfort and practicality.

Design Trends

Design trends in the restaurant industry come and go fairly quickly. The industrial look is still common however new trends are emerging. Themed restaurants which reflect a specific culture or type of food are popular but link is now made through colour. For example, Mediterranean inspired eateries use colour palettes of blue, white and green.

The eco-inspired movement continues to gain traction with everything from vertical or hanging gardens to recycled elements and materials being used to reflect sustainability and the health angle.

Choose your fabric for comfort and practicality

Materials, fabrics and finishes are critical. Materials and fabric need to be robust and capable of maintaining their appearance. Ease of maintenance is an important factor for restaurant owners to consider. Fabric suppliers are continually innovating to produce materials that are water resistant, easy to clean, beautiful and cost effective.

Innovative Fabrics

Finishes chosen must withstand high traffic while still looking new. Textile manufacturers are constantly developing new and innovative fabrics. Fibreguard’s Stain Free Technology is an outstanding solution and can withstand everyday stains from ballpoint pen to coffee, mud and red wine.

Maintenance is critical and often neglected.  Restaurants often open their doors with everything looking perfect and in excellent condition but after a few months this is no longer the case.  Careful consultation with a recognised and experienced interior designer is worthwhile.  Not only will they be able to assist you with conceptualising a look and feel, they will be able to recommend the best fabrics and finishes for the job which will ensure aesthetics are important, comfort and practicality, while advising on care and maintenance.

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