instant decor sense

instant decor sense

The DIY home décor trend continues to gain popularity with the result that there is a growing need for good quality instant curtaining that can be bought off the shelf and hung up immediately.

Mary Interior Decorators has recently added a comprehensive range of Stuart Graham Ready-Made curtains to their portfolio which will be sold as an alternative to their bespoke curtain design and manufacture offering.

“Whilst many of our clients still prefer us to custom make curtains to their requirements there are those who want a quicker solution but do not want to compromise on quality,” says Nikos Prokas of Mary Interior Decorator.

The Stuart Graham range offers high quality ready-made curtains across a range of trendy designs and colourways. It is designed to give customers the option of an instant curtaining solution with a premium look and feel. Designs come in both tape and eyelet styles, with both standard and extra length options available.

One of the interesting products in the range is the blockout lining tape. The lining tape allows block out curtain to be attached to the back of any taped curtain using standard curtain hooks. It can only be used in conjunction with a taped curtain (lined or unlined) to block out light.

The range is completely hand washable making for easy maintenance and care.

The downside of ready-made curtains is that you need to make sure you get your measurements right and that you select the right size for your window. If the curtain is too narrow, too long or too short – they cannot be adjusted.

Before selecting your curtains, here are a few guidelines:

  1. Decide how far your curtains will over-hang the wall, each side of the window.
  2. When you measure for curtains width, it is important to consider the ‘gather’. For a medium gather when closed, take the length of your pole or trace and multiply it by 1.5 then divide by 2. For a fuller gather you can multiply by 2.5 then divide by 2.
  3. To measure for length first decide the whether curtain will fall to sill, below the sill or to the floor. For sill length curtains leave 1.25cm above the sill. Curtains that fall below the sill usually finish 15cm below. For floor length curtains you should allow 2.5cm clearance to avoid dragging.

Curtains range in price from R315 (sheer)
to R969 (lined).


Mary Interior Decorator is an official stockist of Stuart Graham Ready-Made Curtains.  For more information on ready-made curtains or bespoke curtains to suit a specific need click here.

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