rugs vs carpets

Rugs vs Carpet

Whether you choose rugs or fitted carpets for your room or home is very much a personal choice.  They both come with pros and cons.  Rugs offer versatility and flexibility, carpets provide a luxurious, comforting atmosphere.  Here are some reasons why rugs can be a better option.

More versatile

This covers many points: size – you get rugs of all shapes and sizes.  So depending on whether you want a small rug at the foot of your bed or a large rug in the middle of a busy living area – there is something for everyone.  Another point to consider is that if you rent or sell your house or apartment – you can take your carpet with you. You can also roll it up for parties and change the position if you move your furniture around.


Easier to Clean

You can clean your rug in it’s spot or roll it up and take it outside to give it a really good shake. Shampooing is easier and can easily be done at home, however if scrubbing is not your idea of fun you can roll your favourite rug up and take it to be cleaned. Rugs also dry much quicker than fitted carpets and there is no need to hire expensive carpet cleaners.

Easy to Replace

Replacing fitted carpets is a significant job – not to mention the cost. With rugs if it has seen better days or if you are just tired of it, you can simply roll it up, dump or donate it and get a new one. Some people even have one or two rugs for a particular room and change them depending on the season – a thinner one for summer months and thicker more luxurious one for winters.

More Affordable

Rugs are generally far more affordable than wall-to-wall carpeting – unless of course you are a collector of Persian or other exotic rugs. Generally, you will not cover every inch of your room with rugs – so the surface area will always be less than the fitted option.

More design options

Rugs can be a real décor win – they can bring the look of a room together and are great for adding colour and patterns to a bland room. They also help demarcate or define areas for example a large rug under the dining room table separates the dining area from the living area.

Easier to install

Installing wall-to-wall carpets requires special skills and equipment – it is just not something most of us can do ourselves. Rugs need no skills to install – just unroll and enjoy!


Better for allergies

Carpets are a haven for dust, mites and other nasties and if you are an allergy sufferer, they can really make your condition worse. Rugs are much easier to keep clean and you can air them and wash them more regularly which will help reduce the build-up of allergens.

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