signs it might be time to reupholster

signs it might be time to reupholster

Furniture receives a lot of attention and a fair amount of use in your home. Whether it is from the pets jumping up and calling it their own or the kids putting their feet up (with their shoes on) or even the daily use of curling up in your favourite seat in the house.

Upholstery is the soft, padded textiled covering that is fixed to your armchairs, sofas and such and with time your beloved piece of furniture will age and shall start to show signs that it may be time for some well deserved tender loving care.

Below are a few signs it might be time to look at reupholstering your furniture:

The Cushions

The cushions which were once full and firm are now flat or look saggy and no longer offer any lumbar support it is usually time for some new couch cushions.


Once a piece of furniture starts to smell or have a distinct odour, it should be redone. An odour can be a result of many things from spills to pets.

Change in taste

When your decorating tastes have changed and you no longer want a certain fabric, colour or print or if you wish to ‘update’ your furniture to match you new design theme.

The Material

Over time, the fabric covering couches and chairs can be torn, frayed or become worn. This is usually a clear indication that it is time to look at reupholstering or recovering the piece of furniture.

Do any of these signs seem familiar? Does your favourite spot need some tender loving care? Mary Interior Decorator has an upholstery special during August 2018. Give us a call on 011 2680329/92 or email us on or you can fill in the contact form below to learn more.

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