small spaces no problem

small spaces - no problem

As property becomes more expensive and secure living lifestyles continue to gain more popularity, high density living in complexes seems to have become the norm. Whilst there are obvious advantages to this, one of the major compromises is less space which presents challenges when it comes to interior design and décor.

There are, however, ways of maximising space and/or creating the illusion of space from colour choices, to furniture choices. Even your choice of window coverings can increase the available space.

It may even be worthwhile consulting an interior decorator for advice and assistance before deciding what to do – taking your time and choosing the right furniture and finishes for your home may save money and frustration in the long run.

However, here are a few hacks to help you on your way:

Let in as much light as you can: Try not block out light with heavy dark curtains. Letting light into the room can make the space feel more airy and open. In smaller spaces consider blinds which are recessed in the window to maximise space and light whilst still getting the required privacy.

Choose A Large Rug

A large rug, even in a bold pattern can make a room feel bigger. Smaller rugs tend to break up a room.  A large bold rug can help anchor the space and provides a staple piece to design the rest of the room around.

Multipurpose Rooms

A small space can work hard for you by making it multi-purpose – for example your living room may need to double as a workspace too. Careful arrangement of furniture can help demarcate specific areas. You may even consider having custom made furniture manufactured to fit the room’s dimensions therefore making the most of the space.

Add ottomans

Ottomans are useful and can take the place of a traditional coffee table to make better use of your space. You can top them with a tray to hold flowers and books, or use as extra seating. Then when it’s family time, they become footrests.

Choose a colour palette

Whilst a single lighter colour is generally thought to be the way to go for a small space, there is no reason why you cannot play around with colour providing you stick to a tight colour palette, otherwise it can get a bit chaotic. Wallpaper is a great way to set the tone.

Give your furniture space

Whilst you may be tempted to push all your furniture against the wall in order to create as much room as possible, however leaving a bit of space behind your furniture can actually make the room look wider than it really is. Corner seating can also help you get more out of your space.

Make use of mirrors

Mirrors create optical illusions and can help make any room look much bigger than it is. You can even try ‘layering’ mirrors or ‘tile’ mirrors to cover a complete wall.

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