why use an interior design and decor specialist

If you have never enlisted the assistance of a professional interior designer or decorator, it can be intimidating. There are very good reasons why to use an interior design and décor specialist. It could be the best decision you make in terms of ensuring that you choose the right finishes for your home or room.

Interior designers and decorators are there to simplify the process of decorating or redecorating. This is done by working to the client’s brief and within their budget. Timing is everything – the sooner you get your interior designer involved the better. It is easier to create a unified theme or look from the start rather than coming in when design choices have already been made.

The choices of wall, window, floor and furniture finishes can be overwhelming, and this is where an interior design professional will be able to assist and guide their clients.  By eliminating incorrect or inappropriate options, the decision becomes much easier – for example – certain window finishes are better than others when it comes to specific rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens.  The same can be said for furniture choices.

Lifestyle also needs to be taken into consideration as this often determines colour schemes and the type of fabric chosen. Homes with children or animals will need more hard-wearing and washable options than a home with only adults.

From a budget point of view, an interior designer can help you to stick within a budget as they are able to calculate and work out costings more accurately thanks to their knowledge and experience.  So, whilst you may spend a little more by having a professional on your team – there are likely to be savings in the long run.

Furthermore, it is commonly accepted that the input of an interior decorator can increase the value of your home.

Communication is however critical, and it is important that you are honest with your designer – if you are not happy with a look, colour or fabric – honesty is best.  Once orders are placed and items such as curtains, blinds or furniture are being manufactured it is difficult to change anything.

Mary Interior Decorator has over 45 years of experience.  The Mary’s team has seen trends come and go and they are constantly updating their offering to ensure that while they can offer classic finishes, they also have the latest looks and finishes.

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