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After nearly two years of spending more time in our homes than we care to remember and the prospect of some kind of normality returning, the biggest décor and design trend is linked to refreshing our homes and living spaces giving them a much-needed facelift.

“With much of work and school having been home-based as well as stay-at-home holidays being the norm, most homes and home finishes have taken a beating.  Whether it be lounge suites or dining rooms, bedrooms or outdoor entertainment areas, we are experiencing an increase in enquiries for reupholstery and refurbishing,” says Nikos Prokas of Mary’s Interiors.

Celebrating the return of colour

For some years now neutral, natural tones have been popular but after spending so much time staring at these muted shades for extended periods of time there is a definite move towards bringing some colour back and if international trend is anything to go by, it looks like jewel tones like cobalt blue, ruby red and emerald green are going to be popular.

 Whilst these colours may be a bit much for an entire couch, accents of these colours can be used in curtains, scatter cushions and other accessories.

Jewel green corner couch

More is definitely more

Along with vibrant jewel colours, maximalism which sees layers and textures being used to create stunning effects is very much a trend for 2022.

“Layers include vibrant wallpapers, bold paint effects and layered patterns.  All of these add interest and life to rooms,” says Nikos.   “It is about celebrating opening our homes up to family and friends that we may not have seen for two years.”

The joy of being able to entertain again is also expected to generate major revamps in entertainment areas.  Whereas we wanted to make our homes comfortable sanctuaries for our families to live in whilst in lockdown, these areas are now getting a make-over of note with luxurious and decadent décor being the order of the day.  Plush fabrics, fringes and colour are making a celebratory return. 

Winning wallpaper

Probably one of the most popular design trends that has stuck (quite literally) around for the past few years is the use of wallpaper.  New application methods have made it so easy to apply, whether done professionally or as a DIY project.  And with so many designs from brick style prints to botanical designs and more transforming a room has honestly never been easier.

“We have seen a growing interest in wallpaper and our suppliers have really created some amazing products,” says Nikos Prokas. 

Wooden bed against brick wall

Pockets of privacy

The one thing that seems to be set to stay is home offices and work from home concepts.  Whilst this may not be an everyday thing, many companies have adopted a more flexible approach to work which means creating pockets of privacy within the ever-popular open plan homes.

Innovative ways of creating these spaces uses screens, blinds or curtains have become popular as they fulfil the need for privacy but are not permanent fixtures.

With more than four decades of experience in décor and design Mary’s Interior has always ensured that it keeps up with local and international trends, stocking the latest designs and finishes.  For more information call us on 011 268 0329 or visit our showroom for more information. You can also email nikos@marysinteriors.co.za.