Colour of the Year 2022

The Pantone colour of the year for 2022 has been named as VERY PERI, a NEW blue shade, which has been described as colour whose courageous presence encourages personal inventiveness and creativity.

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Interior Decorators vs Interior Designers

Interior decortors vs interior designers
Interior decortors vs interior designers

Interior Decorators vs interior designers

When looking for someone to help transform your home or office do you need an interior designer or an interior decorator? Both interior decorators and designers create beautiful and functional spaces. Although, many people use the terms interior decorating and interior design interchangeably, there is actually a difference between the two professions.

Interior Decorators

Interior decorators are concerned with the look or appearance of a building or space. The basis of the profession is that these individuals can only change the aesthetics of a room. They can change the walls colours through painting or wallpaper. They can change the floors and add decorative elements to the room. The one thing they cannot do is remove or alter any standing structure. A wall cannot be removed by an interior decorator. An interior decorator doesn’t work with the exterior features of the building.

Interior designers

On the other hand, interior designers have experience in working with architecture or directly with architects. Only architects can alter load-bearing structures, interior designers can move non-load-bearing elements that do not affect the structural foundations and stability of a building. In addition, they are focused on anything within a given area of space. The interior designer can handle furniture, accessories, lighting and even exterior elements like windows and doors.

To sum it up, an interior designer can change the architecture of a building, whereas an interior decorator is only concerned with the interior aesthetics. These differences make it clear that interior decorating and interior design are two very different fields.

Mary Interior Decorator’ has over 40 years of experience in all areas of interior decor and soft furnishings, from ready-made to bespoke. We can assist you to transform any space into your perfect comfort zone. If you would like to learn more or book a consultation, email us on and we will be in touch soon. Or you can give us a call on 011 268 0329.

New Generation Shutters are a popular choice

new generation shutters

Window shutters have been popular in many parts of the world, particularly hot climates – think of all the beautiful shutters on traditional Greek homes. However, shutters have become a popular décor trend, with new and innovative designs and applications being used.

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Over 40 years of Experience

over forty years of experience

Mary Interior Decorators is possibly one of Johannesburg’s oldest interior decorating businesses. It has been in operation since 1974, when it was started by the current owner Nikos Prokas’ parents, Xenophon Prokas and his late wife Mary.

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